Tripartite Meeting In Ras El Naqoura

Monday, 05 February 2018

The Army Headquarters - Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

At 9.30 on 05/02/2018, a tripartite meeting was held in Ras el Naqoura, presided by the UNIFIL Commander Major General Michael Beary and with the presence of a delegation from LAF Officers headed by the coordinator of the Lebanese Government Brigadier General P.S.C Malek Shamas. Discussions focused on the implementation of resolution 1701 as well as the recent incidents in the South of Litani.

The Lebanese side exposed the issue of the wall that the Israeli enemy is planning on building at the Lebanese-Palestinian borders and confirmed the government’s refusing stance of this wall, as it affects the Lebanese sovereignty in particularly. The Lebanese side also expressed the disapproval of the government of the threats issued by some Israeli commanders concerning the fact that Lebanon does not have the right to benefit from the Oil naval block nb. 9 and insisted that this block is entirely located in the regional and economic Lebanese waters. Moreover, the Lebanese side exposed the trespasses in air, at sea and on land and demanded their immediate cessation.

Furthermore, General Michael Beary stressed the importance of committing to the arrangements of coordination and liaison and confirmed that preserving stability is the responsibility of both sides and that the UNIFIL is ready to assist them in this process.