Fouad Chehab Academy for Command and General Staff


  • Preparing officers for the use of different weapons in order to be able to command units.
  • Enriching military culture, deepening knowledge and boosting expertise and capabilities through research and studies.


The emblem:

The emblem is composed of two intersecting swords symbolizing command, a flame denoting sacrifice and martyrdom, with a cedar in the center alluding to everlasting Lebanon and endless pride, and the motto: “Knowledge – Progress - Success” , the whole surrounded by two palm branches to highlight the tasks and objectives of the college which are crowned by victory.


Opening courses:

  • The courses assigned to Fouad Chehab Academy for Command and General Staff are courses of General Staff, battalion commander and other courses.
  • Courses are open according to the following:
    • General Staff: one course during the academic year for 10 months approximately as of the first week of September.
    • Battalion Commander: 2 courses during the academic year for 5 months approximately each.
  • The academic year starts in the academy at the beginning of September and ends in the end of July. The month of August will be designated for the preparation for the following year.


Date of establishment:

The High Military Education Center was established on 01/09/1974 and was located in the army headquarters – Yarzeh. The name was modified to the High Military Education Institute and in 1983, the name was substituteed with the Academy of Command and General Staff and was located in Rihanieh. On 25/10/2005, it was named the Fouad Chehab Academy for Command and General Staff and relocated to the new building in Rihanieh on 01/12/2007.