Application for performing a report about the military institution in the foreign and local Media (written, audio, visual) or a report for any Media company or institution or a report for a freelance journalist

The required documents:

  • A free request presented by the concerned party (institution or individual) that includes: the type of the intended report to be performed, the concerned unit or military bureau for the report, the date, the aim of the report.
  • The request should include the signature of the relevant authority along with an available phone number for contact conveniences.

  • Copies of the identification cards and journalistic cards of the crew members working for the Media Company or institution presenting the application.
  • A letter of identification for all the crew members presented by the Media company or institution.
  • In case of foreign crew members, the copies of the following documents should be presented:
    • Passport
    • The entry stamp of the General Security (upon entry to Lebanon)
    • An identification document (of the job performed by the foreign crew member) presented by the Lebanese Ministry of Information (upon entry to Lebanon)


The file processing:

  • The application should be presented via one of the following means:
    • Personally to the Army Command – Secretary of General Staff
    • Email:
    • Fax to the Directorate of Orientation: 01/424104
  • The concerned party will be informed of the decision of the Directorate of Orientation via phone call, fax, written document or via email on the following address:

Duration for accomplishment:

  • 3 weeks minimum after the date of presentation of the application with all the required documents


  • No fees needed.


N.B: Permits related to reports regarding the military institution are currently suspended until further notice.

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