Request for a filming permit using a flying camera

The general documents required for a filming permit using a flying camera:

A written request signed by the concerned party that includes:

  • The subject and objective of the permit
  • The type of the plane and camera and the serial number of each
  • A schedule displaying the location and date of the filming.
  • The phone number of the concerned party

The special documents:

  • License issued by the air force
  • A copy of the Identification Card belonging to the plane operator
  • A copy of the passport and the entry stamp for the plane operator ( in case the operator was a foreigner)
  • A picture of the plane and its serial number (scan)


The file processing mechanism, duration and fees

The file processing:

  • The application should be presented via one of the following means:

  1. Personally to the Army Command – Secretary of General Staff

  2. Email:

  3. Fax to the Directorate of Orientation: 01/424104

Duration for accomplishment:

  • Minimum of 1 week after the date of presentation of the application with all the requested documents


  • No fees needed.
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