54 soldiers injured when reopening roads and 13 suspects arrested

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

In follow up to a previous statement reporting an incident where a group of rioters started disturbing peace and attacking public and private properties in the city of Tripoli on the night on 27/4/2020. These riots resulted in the injury of 40 soldiers including 6 officers. Army units deployed in Tripoli arrested 9 suspects for their involvement in throwing fireworks and pelting the residence of MP Faysal Karame and throwing stones against army troops stationed in the area, disturbing peace, burning three bank branches and a number of ATM machines in addition to attacking an army vehicle with  a Molotov cocktail  Additionally, the army patrol came under attack with a hand grenade and the attack led to the light injury of a soldier and an officer. The army seized a quantity of marijuana and ammunition with one of the suspects and 5 tear gas bombs with another suspect.

Moreover, in the town of Bireh – Akkar, army patrol troops were pelted with stones, pieces of glass and metals while reopening the road and the incident caused the injury of 7 soldiers, 3 officers included.

In the town of el-Ayn-Bekaa Valley, army troops were pelted with rocks while attempting to reopen the road and the incident led to the injury of 3 soldiers. 3 Army vehicles were damaged in the incident and 4 suspects were arrested.

In the town of Jdita-Bekaa valley, army patrol troops were pelted by protesters causing the injury of a soldier.

At the coastal highway stretching between Khalde and Sidon, army patrols deployed in many areas were pelted while attempting to reopen the road causing the injury of 3 soldiers.

The Army Command renews its commitment to respect citizens’ right to freely express their opinions, however, The Army Command warns that it will show no leniency in dealing with rioters or any parties attempting to disturb civil peace and stability.