9 individuals involved in the truck loaded with Ammonium Nitrate case, arrested

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

Following the seizing of a truck loaded with ammonium nitrate at Iaat crossroads on 17/09/2021 and the arrest of 6 individuals, including the Lebanese Maroun Al-Saqr and Ahmed Al-Zein, the competent judicial authorities referred the arrestees to the the Intelligence Directorate to complete the investigation.

The Directorate arrested 9 other individuals suspected of involvement, most notably the Lebanese Saad Allah Al-Solh, owner of the truck and owner of the Solh Foundation for Feed and Grain, and the Syrian Khaled Al-Hassan, a driver for the arrested Al-Saqer. It was found that the Al-Solh bought during the month of March of this year a quantity of ammonium nitrate from the Al-Saqr, and that the Syrians, Obeida Al-Abd Al-Rahman and Khaled Al-Hassan, had transferred these materials.

The two aforementioned Syrians, with the Saqr and Al-Solh, were referred to the competent judicial authorities for their involvement in the sale, purchase, storage and transportation of prohibited materials, while the rest of the persons were released.

It is important for the Army Command to deny what some media have reported about the investigation based on alleged military sources. It stresses the need to adhere to the official statements issued by on its accounts on social media.