The Army Headquarters Announces the martyrdom of martyr Private Khaled Mahmoud Khalil

Monday, 05 February 2018

The Army Headquarters – Directorate of Orientation announces the martyrdom of martyr Private Khaled Mahmoud Khalil who fell last night during a clash between an army patrol and armed individuals in Bab el Tebbaneh – Tripoli. In the following is a summary of his life:


  • Born on 13/03/1992 in Bazzal-Akkar.
  • His services were prolonged from 28/03/2014, then he was transferred to active duty on 11/11/2015.
  • Granted the commendation of the Armed Forces.
  • Marital status: single.


The deceased will be transferred on 05/02/2018 at 8.00 from the Tripoli governmental hospital to Meshmesh – Ke Beit Khalil where the funeral will be held on the same date at the Afternoon prayers in Beit Khalil Mosque where the burial will take place in Wata Meshmesh cemetery – Beit khalil.

Condolences may be offered before and after the funeral and on 6 and 7/02/2018 from 8.00 until 18.00 in the hall of the mentioned Mosque.