Army qualitative preemptive operation at the outskirts of Ersal

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Army Headquarters - Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:  

In the frame of the qualitative preemptive operations conducted by the Army units at the eastern Lebanese border against terrorist organizations and as a result of monitoring and follow up, an army force attacked this morning an ISIS key post at the outskirts of Ersal and engaged in an armed clash with its militants. The operation resulted in the death of the Emir of ISIS Ersal Fayez Chaalan a.k.a. “Abou el Fawz”, and his Syrian escort Ahmad Mrouwe. The operation also resulted in the arrest of the security official for ISIS in the region, Syrian individual Moustafa Mousalli a.k.a. “Abou Melhem”. Moreover, 3 army soldiers suffered from light injuries during the clash.
The targeted terrorists had participated in the fighting against the Army in 2014 and they are responsible for rigging a number of cars and causing several explosions that targeted army posts and civilians in Ersal and its surroundings.