Arrest of two of the perpetrators who participated in committing acts of vandalism in Jounieh and its vicinity

Friday, 10 January 2020

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

During the past month of December and the current month of January, acts of vandalism took place in Jounieh and its vicinity and videos spread documenting a series of these acts.

The Intelligence Directorate managed to identify the ID of a number of perpetrators who were involved in these acts, among which Georges Naji el-Kazzi and Mohammad Waked Srour. The suspects were then tracked and arrested after raiding their residences. During the raids, army troops seized military weapons and ammunition in addition to the vehicle used in the acts of vandalism.

As a result of the investigation, the suspects confessed of committing the following acts:

  • Participating with others in throwing Molotov bombs targeting the offices of a certain Lebanese party in Jounieh on 5/12/2019 and burning its content.
  • Both suspects sprayed red painting over the storefronts of Credit Libanais Bank branches in Jounieh and Zouk el-Mosbeh using a steel hammer in addition to burning the ATM machine with gasoline. They both head afterwards to the branch of the said bank in Kaslik where they repeated their act while they were being assisted by another vehicle and its passengers were monitoring the implementation of the sabotage.

On 10/1/2020, el-Kazzi was handed over to the relevant judiciary authorities and investigation is still ongoing with the suspect Srour and work is ongoing to arrest the remaining perpetrators.