Distributing compensation to citizens affected by the Beirut Port explosion

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

On 11/1/2022, the concerned army units resumed the process of distributing compensation to the citizens affected by the explosion of the Port of Beirut, and an amount of 4,270,600,000 Lebanese pounds was distributed. The number of housing units that benefited from these compensations, classified as medium and below average, reached 482 housing units distributed over the areas (Al Karantina, Mar Mikhael, Gemmayzeh, Corniche Al Nahr, Al Jeitawi, Al Medawar, and Al Ramil).

The distribution of aid will be completed tomorrow in the areas mentioned above, in addition to the areas of: Karm al-Zaytoun, Sassin, al-Roum, Rizk, Adliya and Tabaris.