The funeral of martyr Private Khaled Mahmoud Khalil in Meshmesh – Akkar

Monday, 05 February 2018

The Army Headquarters and villagers of Meshmesh - Akkar bid farewell to martyr Private Khaled Mahmoud Khalil who fell last night during a clash between an army patrol and armed individuals in Bab el Tebbaneh – Tripoli. After the necessary honoring ceremony, the martyr was decorated with the medals of war, wounded and bronze military valor. Prayers took place upon his pure body in Meshmesh and Colonel Engineer Mohammad Chmaitly, representing minister of Defense Yaacoub Sarraf and LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun, delivered a speech in which he commended the military conduct and sacrifices of the martyr. What he said included:”whoever chooses to enroll in the army realized that the nation can only be preserved through major sacrifices. Any citizen who allows himself to practice terrorism against his fellow citizens or army troops would have voluntarily chosen to take the path of national betrayal. Therefore, he would have to endure the consequences of his criminal acts, for the LAF is firm in dealing with those who target its soldiers and citizens and does not let any drop of their pure blood go to waste.”