Individuals arrested in Bekaa

Wednesday, 01 February 2023

On 1/2/2023, a patrol from the Intelligence Directorate arrested the citizen (J.H.) in Al-Asi - Hermel for trying to sneak into the Syrian territory and head to the Turkish territories, according to his confession. Moreover, there were several arrest warrants against him for the crimes of theft, fraud, forgery, and extortion, and for renting cars on previous dates and then selling them in Brital.

Another patrol arrested the citizens (H.F.), (M.K.), and (S.A.) in Al-Qaa Projects for forming, along with others, a gang that commits acts of theft in the same area and its surroundings, and that had stolen on 28/1/ 2023 a quantity of gold and an amount of money from a residence.

The investigation was initiated with the arrestees under the supervision of competent judicial authorities.