LAF Commander inaugurates the workshops building at the Beirut Naval Base

Tuesday, 07 March 2023

The LAF Commander, General Joseph Aoun, inaugurated the workshops building at the Beirut Naval Base after completing its rehabilitation with funding from the German authorities, in the presence of the German and Qatari Ambassadors, Mr. Andreas Kindel, Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al Sahlawi, and the Commander of UNIFL’s Maritime Task Force in Lebanon, Rear Admiral Michael Busse, and the commander of the German naval forces, Rear Admiral Jaan Kaack, in addition to a number of officers. ‏
The LAF Navy Commander, Colonel P.S.C. Haitham Dannawi, delivered a speech in which he said: “This project enhances the capabilities of the naval forces to carry out their tasks in the maritime field, particularly the protection of maritime borders and national wealth in territorial waters, coordination with UNIFIL’s naval forces, search and rescue operations, combatting illegal immigration and cooperation with the naval forces of friend armies in the Mediterranean to preserve freedom of navigation and protect the marine environment.
He then expressed his thanks to the German authorities for funding the project, and a briefing was presented on the tasks of the naval forces in Lebanese territorial waters.
A memorial plaque was unveiled, and the attendees toured the building, then General Aoun met with the Commander of the German Naval Forces, Rear Admiral Kaack, and they discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the armies of both countries.