The LAF Commander visits the Independent Works Regiment

Friday, 16 February 2024

The LAF Commander, General Joseph Aoun, inspected the Independent Works Regiment in Haret El Set - Baabda, where he toured its departments and workshops and reviewed the missions carried out, praising the efforts of the soldiers, and considering them to be an example to be followed in devising creative solutions and not losing hope no matter how great the challenges. He also visited the construction project for the regiment's Works Brigades buildings, and the training center for cultural property protection and emergency response.
General Aoun met with the officers and congratulated them on the anniversary of the founding of the regiment on March first, pointing out that they proved their worth despite the difficult conditions, and reached great achievements, especially within the framework of the responsibilities they assumed after the Beirut port explosion, including relief to those affected, opening roads, protecting heritage and cultural property, removing rubble, and contributing to strengthening the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, in addition to tasks of a developmental and environmental nature in various Lebanese regions, and developing the manufacturing capabilities of the regiment.
He addressed them by saying: “You have proven that you are true leaders and have accomplished brilliant achievements through the cultural property protection team in the regiment. You are the pride of the Institution, raising its name high in Lebanon and abroad.”
He pointed out that the army enjoys the confidence of the Lebanese and friend countries and receives continuous and vital assistance for its continuation, and that the Command continues to exert maximum effort to support soldiers in active service and retirees, especially through military healthcare.
He concluded by saying: “The army is the cornerstone of Lebanon, and the soldiers in various units are the cornerstones of the army and the source of its strength.”