Lebanese Army Commander visits the Rangers Regiment in Roumieh

Friday, 19 November 2021

The Lebanese Army Commander General Joseph Aoun visited this morning, the Rangers Regiment in Roumieh. He toured its departments and was briefed on its operations. He attended a live ammunition maneuver in the shooting range simulating a military unit being ambushed.  He also met with the officers and soldiers and was briefed on their missions and conditions.

General Aoun congratulated the troops on the Independence Day and addressed them saying: "Thanks to your efforts and sacrifices, you protect the independence. Our country is going through difficult and complicated circumstances, but you are dealing with them professionally, courageously, with discipline and wisdom, and with that you save the country from sedition. Our homeland is in our hands and we will protect it with our lives."

He added: "When I stand in front of men like you, I realize that there is no fear for Lebanon, you are the backbone of this country. You have no choice but the military, despite all the challenges you are experiencing, because you are trained for harsh confrontations and difficult stressful conditions. I have full confidence that you will overcome this stage. I know that the Lebanese people trust you and is proud of your performance, and that the international community praises your achievements”.

He concluded by saying, "We strive to alleviate the economic burdens that pressure you, and to provide basic services that preserve your dignity and that of your families, most notably medicine and transportation. We must overcome this crisis with determination, will and faith in our homeland, which needs us today more than ever."