Sad demise of retired Brigadier General P.S.C Saleh Tlays

Sunday, 21 February 2021


The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation declares the sad demise of retired Brigadier General P.S.C Toufik Taki who passed away on 21/02/2021.

The following information presents a brief summary of his life and military career:

  • Born on 01/07/1974 in Brital- Baalbeck
  • Enlisted in the Army on 1/10/1974, was gradually promoted starting as a lieutenant on 01/07/1977 and reached the rank of Brigadier General as of 02/06/2005.
  • Received several medals and decorations as well as commendations and congratulations of the LAF Commander in chief several times.
  • Followed several educational and training courses in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Married with 5 children.


The body is transported on 22/02/2021 at 7.00 from Riyak Hospital to the town of Brital- Baalbeck, where the funeral will take place on the same date at 11.00, and the burial will take place in the town’s cemetery.

Condolences will be accepted on the following phone numbers:

  • His wife: Professor Samar 71/458621
  • His son: Professor Ghassan 78/816982
  • His Daughter: Malak 70/608251
  • His brother : Abdel Karim 03/462032