81 soldiers injured in peacekeeping missions and 20 suspects arrested

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:
Army units continued performing peacekeeping missions during the popular protests in different Lebanese regions. The riots that broke out yesterday at night in el-Nour square – Tripoli resulted in the injury of 50 soldiers and 6 officers included. Army units deployed in the mentioned square arrested 19 suspects for throwing fireworks, pelting the soldiers with stones, rioting, burning banks and a number of ATM machines. Army soldiers arrested another individual for the crime of opening fire towards the protesters and causing the injury of a protesters.
In the neighborhood of el-Bohsas – Tripoli, an army unit was pelted with stones. Soldiers were injured during this incident and an army vehicle damaged.
In Hamra Street – Beirut, an army unit was pelted with stones, pieces of glass and metals while reopening the road and the incident resulted in the injury of 4 soldiers.
In Sidon, while an army unit was reopening the road its soldiers were pelted with stones. 4 soldiers were injured, including an officer and 3 army vehicles damaged.
At the coastal highway in the town of el-Nehme, army patrols deployed in several areas were pelted with stones while attempting to reopen the roads and the confrontations led to the injury of 21 soldiers.
The Army Command renews its calls to keep the protests peaceful.