The graduation ceremony of female Privates in Werwar with the presence of the Chief of Staff Major General Hatem Mallak

Friday, 14 September 2018

Major General P.S.C Hatem Mallak, representing the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun, headed a graduation ceremony for 1650 female Privates after having finished their training period. The ceremony was attended by the head of the national committee for the affairs of Lebanese women, Ms. Claudine Aoun Roukoz and the head of the Arab woman board Ms. Lina Deghlawi Moukarzel in addition to several high ranked officers and the parents of the graduates.

Major General P.S.C Mallak delivered a speech on the occasion: “Just as the LAF have proven on the national level to be the origin of national unity that blends in its soul, they have proven to be the common uniting party for all Lebanese, regardless of their confessions. the fact that women have enrolled in the LAF is just an pertinent evidence of these values in which we are committed to more than ever, particularly that they have proven to be efficient in administrative units and in combat units in terms of medical and logistics aspects.”

Major General Mallak added that “in these delicate times that the Arab region recently, the LAF’s interest is to preserve our main national treasures, the treasures of stability and security that Lebanon is blessed to have, contrary to other countries. They are able to accomplish this aim at all times and places, just as they were previously able to eradicate terrorism and thwart the schemes of the Israeli enemy, they will undoubtedly be able to confront every person who would take advantage of the circumstances in order to target stability inside the country. Stability is a blessed asset for all people with no exception. It is also the firm base for the development in the country, which the Lebanese look forward to with complete confidence.”

A military parade took place at the end of the ceremony in which graduating troops have participated.