Order of the day on the 77th Army Day

Thursday, 28 July 2022


Fellow soldiers

Seventy-seven years of honor, sacrifice and loyalty to the homeland of the Cedars, during which the army offered its best soldiers as martyrs in order to defend Lebanon's security and stability, as well as the dignity of its people.  A long march, which witnessed many landmarks and challenges. All the way, Army remained the impregnable fortress and the uniting institution of all the components of the homeland, and the main pillar of the entity of the state that is constantly plagued by crises that threaten its existence.


Fellow Soldiers

You live in exceptional circumstances, and you, like our people, suffer from the economic crisis that began about three years ago.  This crisis, which worsened recently, led to paralysis in most of the state's sectors and institutions. This produced negative repercussions in various fields.  Only the military institution is still cohesive and ready to assume its full responsibilities towards its homeland and its people with determination, will and conviction.  Sacrifice is at the core of our motto, and we have made it our way of life from which we do not deviate.  We have never failed our people, and we will never do, no matter how harsh the circumstances and intense the challenges.  The army will remain a pillar of Lebanon's structure.  We will not allow security to be shaken, and we will not allow strife or chaos to find its way into our internal arena, in the hope of finding political solutions that will save the country and prevent it from collapsing, so that our youth can regain their confidence in our country and make it rise again because it deserves and needs them. They are an irreplaceable wealth.  Let the dream of rebuilding Lebanon be stronger than the dream of immigration.

Fellow Soldiers

You have proven to yourselves as well as to your Command and people that you are trustworthy and responsible. You are striving and facing challenges out of faith in your army and your country.  You spread over all the soil of the country and you sweat for its sake, as your comrades, the martyrs and the wounded, bled for its sake. Inside, as on borders and outskirts, you stand tall, heroes who do not fear death or crises, wrestling with limited means for survival and steadfastness, because Lebanon desperately needs you today.  You confront those who bet on your weakness with steadfastness and clinging to your values, creed, and allegiance to your institution and country.  You have will, which is the secret of the love and trust of your people and the international community towards you.  Thanks to this will, the army will remain, and Lebanon will remain. 

Your missions are numerous and varied.  Remain ready to face all dangers: the Israeli enemy and its constant threats and ambitions in our natural resources on the one hand, and terrorism that is waiting for the chance to regain its activity on the other hand.  We should not forget the danger that threatens our society and the future of our youth, which is drugs. The pursuit of its dealers and promoters will remain a priority.  Our commitment to national issues is essential, and our commitment to formal positions is imperative, especially the maritime border demarcation issue. Our commitment to international resolutions and strengthening cooperation with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon is an absolute necessity.


Fellow Soldiers

You are the last resort for our people and the safety line for our country.  We will stay loyal to our oath, our martyrs and our wounded, no matter how severe the difficulties and tribulations and no matter how great the responsibilities placed on our shoulders. We all have faith and confidence that the crisis will inevitably pass.  Resilience to confront it remains the key to our continuity and steadfastness.  That is our absolute priority, and it will remain so, regardless of all quarrels, accusations, and attempts to drag the institution into polemics for private and suspicious goals.  What concerns us, is the cohesion of the institution and its continuity in performing its tasks, as well as the security and stability of Lebanon.


Yarzeh on 28 / 7 / 2022
General Joseph Aoun, Lebanese Army Commander in Chief