Law number 665 issued in 4 February 2005
Clause number 1

Contrary to any other stipulation, the military service provided for in the decree law number 102 issued in 16/9/1983 is to be conclusively invalidated in two years after the publication of this law in the official newspaper. ( Law number 665 issued in 4 February 2005 )

Remarks & Requirements


  • The Lebanese are going through an obligatory military service after reaching the age of 18, according to the Lebanese girls they will be called for this service when there is a need for a decree to be announced from council of  ministers defining the conditions of employment.
  • The draftee will receive a reserve card prepared from the mobilization Directorate after he finishes his service, holding the name, family name, rank, military number and blood type of the draftee with his picture sticked on it, mentioning on the card the reserve group he refers to and the unit he’s transferred to, and join it when he’s called for.
  • The draftees will be taken as an officer or non-commissioned officer or Enlisted according to their educational Level and major as follows:
    • As a draftee officer: Doctor, pharmacist, engineer and who has a masters degree officially certified (or equivalent to it) and all of the remaining majors.
    • As a draftee adjutant: For bachelor degree holders, who has university technical diploma issued from the Lebanese university or equivalent to it from the equivalence committee for high education levels
    • As a draftee sergent: Holder of a diploma (university diploma or technical) of 2 years of studies or more after baccalaureate second part (BT3) or the amended diploma given by the committee of amendments of university education.
    • as a draftee soldier: For all remaining education levels.
  • The information to be applied is specified as follows:
    Name and family name – father’s name – mother’s name and family name – place and date of birth – place and number of personal register – the family situation.
  • The call will be delivered according to the attached add.
  • All instructions, memorandums and adds related to military service and calling who are invited to the Lebanese diplomatic missions abroad through the Foreign ministry, and informing the missions by the accredited persistence to fill it from the submitted and sending it to the army command – mobilization directorate to approve their situation.
  • For every Lebanese living in Lebanon, the military service call will be delivered, or reached the age of 18 should go to the mobilization department of the region he lives in to receive the instructions and orientations related to the place and date of enrolment, and the needed documents including the situation of service ,exemption and post pond, and to the branches of mobilization in regions, explaining briefly for all about the different situations of exemption, post pond and service and answering all their questions.
  • Every Lebanese should pass through the obligations of military service and willing to leave Lebanon to stay abroad for 1 year or more, to give his address for the mobilization directorate or its branches in the regions before traveling and giving the mentioned information to the Lebanese consulate related to.
  • Exemption and post pounding applications with all conditions to be delivered to mobilization branches in regions according to the called personal registered, and will be replied from the mobilization directorate according to the instructions.
  • Every Lebanese called for military service will be forbid of practicing the following:
    • Selecting and candidate for all committees and counsels and others
    • To be employed or work in both public and private sector including contractual.
    • Pursuing any free lance.
    • Traveling out side Lebanon.
    • Affiliating to schools and universities.

      who is exempted or post pounded legally will be an exception of these rules.
  • It’s possible for the called person to leave Lebanon in the following situations:
    • If he has a total exemption card.
    • If he has a legal postponed clearly written on the military service card and has at least  one month of time to expire before traveling time.
    • If he has a legal traveling license issued from the mobilization directorate.
  • the draftee will personally benefit from his symbolic amend and the favors returned to his rank during his service period added to the personal equipment and food in the kitchen.
  • the draftee officer will benefit from the symbolic amend referred  from his rank without other rights, and instead his personal equipment will be insured (clothes, signs..) and food in the kitchen.
  • The rules that is applied on the draftees during their service, are the same that are applied on those in the official duty.
  • The defaulter from the military service are chased in front of the military courts, and applied on them the military rules, also everyone that make himself unsuitable for duty on purpose, temporary or finally, and everyone that hide a defaulter, except the ascendant and the descendant, husbands, sisters, and brothers.
  • The reserve period specified for the draftees, from the date when he’s dismissed until the age of 40.
  • The called for the military service are shown to the specialized health comities, where he is classified if they are suitable for duty in the military units, or in the logistic units, or if he should be postponed, or he is unsuitable as all.
  • After the civil duty members finished their, essential training period, they are distributed on the ministries to work according to these principles:
    • These members follow the military rules, and for this purpose one of the military units take care of the administrative issues, like the salary, equipments, and it is responsible for the discipline of these members in cooperation with the ministries.
    • The requests of the ministries are responded within the capacities that are available, and within the majors that is requested..
    • The tidiness and the working hours are surveilled in cooperation with the administrative units and the special institutions, without intervention with the interior affairs, and for this purpose an officer of engagement is indicated to insure the work’s benefit, and one Saturday within 2 weeks is to gather all the members of the administrative units, to publish service memorandums and instructions, and to check out their discipline, and uniform.
    • They wear military uniform that is approved by the army commands during achieving the military service.
    • The ministries ask it’s needs from the army command through the ministry of defense in November each year, and the request include:
      • The needed number
      • Major
      • Profession
      • Address, kind and duration of work