Security measures against smuggling on 06/04/2021

Wednesday, 07 April 2021

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation issued the following statement:

On 06/04/2021, as a result of the security measures taken by Army units in Arsal, al-Kasr, Mkayble, al-Owaynat, Barka and al-Mhamara, 12 lebanese and 2 Syrian individuals were arrested for being involved in smuggling diesel and human trafficking.

The seized items included: 5 cisterns containing 74.000 liters of diesel, 4 tanks containing 5.500 liters of diesel, a van with 2.500 liters of diesel, 4 refrigerator trucks with 420 liters of gas, 3 cars, 2 Pickups, a pump and  propane tanks.

The seized items were handed over. The investigation was initiated with the arrestees under the supervision of the competent judiciary authorities.