Symbolic Celebrations In Yarzeh And Commands Of The Regions On The Occasion Of The 74th Army Day

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

On the occasion of the ‎74th Army Day, a symbolic military celebration was held in the court of the ministry of defense in Yarzeh. The celebration was attended by the Chief of Staff Major General P.S.C Amine el Erem representing the LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun as well as the deputy Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of units belonging to the command. During the celebration, the Order of the Day addressed by the LAF Commander to the soldiers was recited by the Chief of Staff and salutes were presented by units based in the command building. Moreover, a wreath of flowers was placed on behalf of the LAF Commander at the monument of the Army martyrs in Yarzeh.

Furthermore, similar celebrations were held in the commands of military regions. During the ceremonies, wreaths of flowers were placed at the martyrs statues in every region and their memory was celebrated with the presence of official and spiritual figures.

Moreover, military delegations placed wreaths of flowers at the monuments of former deceased Army commanders: President Major General Fouad Chehab in Ghazir, General Jean Njeim in Kfartay, Major General Adel Chehab in Ras el Nabaa, General Emile Boustani in Haret Sakher, General Iskandar Ghanem in Saghbine, General Hanna Saiid in Qleihaa – Marjeyoun, General Ibrahim Tannous in Qobeiat - Qatlaba and General Victor Khoury in Amchit.