Wanted individual arrested in the Hay Al-Sellom after escaping from the hospital a few days ago

Saturday, 23 July 2022

The Army Command - Orientation Directorate issued the following statement:

On 21 / 7 / 2022, a patrol of the Intelligence Directorate arrested the citizen (AA.AA.) in Hay Al-Sellom, after his escape from the hospital. He had been injured and arrested due to a clash that occurred in the same area on 9/7/2022, which led to the injury of two people. He’s wanted for shooting, creating trouble, promoting and using drugs, robbing citizens, theft and trafficking in military firearms.
A patrol of the aforementioned directorate arrested on12 / 7 / 2022, the citizen (M.F.) in the Al-Ghadeer area. He is one of the two people who facilitated the detainee's escape from the hospital. Follow-up is underway to arrest the other person.
The arrestee was turned in to the competent judicial authorities.