8th Infantry Brigade

The emblem:

The emblem of the 8th Infantry Brigade consists of the following:

  • The number (8): Symbolizing the number of the Brigade.
  • The Cedar: Symbolizing the immortality of Lebanon.
  • The Sword: Symbolizing the firm right in confronting the enemy
  • A lightning base: Symbolizing the execution with lightning speed.
  • Armor: Symbolizing the immunity in defending the country.
  • The Laurel: Symbolizing the laurel that only grows at the highest mountain tops and between rocks, indicating the strength and steadiness of the Brigade.


Date of Establishment:
The 8th Brigade was established on 1/1/1983 and its Headquarters was located at the Rihaniyeh region – Baabda. The Brigade units were stationed in the surrounding of the Ministry of Defense.