Emile Lahoud

Date and place of birth: 01/12/1936 - Beyrouth-Caza of Beirut

Spoken Languages: French - English

Marital status: Married/3 children


  • Enrolled in the Army as a Cadet Officer, and entered the Military Academy on 01/10/1956
  • Promoted to Ensign on 18/09/1959
  • Promoted to Acting Sub Lieutenant on 18/09/1962
  • Promoted to Lieutenant on 01/04/1969
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander on 01/01/1974
  • Promoted to Commander on 01/01/1976
  • Promoted to Navy Engineer Staff Captain Commodore on 01/01/1980
  • Promoted to Navy Engineer Staff Rear Admiral on 01/01/1985
  • Promoted to General on 28/11/1989


  • Assigned to the Navy on 01/10/1959
  • Served as Commander of the patrol boat ‘Beirut’, from 01/11/1959 to 20/09/1965
  • Served as Commander of the Debarkation ship ‘Tyr’ from 20/09/1965 to 01/10/1966
  • Appointed commander of the 2nd vessels group from 01/10/1966 to 16/10/1967
  • Appointed commander of the 1st vessels group on 10/12/1968
  • Assigned to the 4th Branch of the High Command on 26/03/1970
  • Was transferred to the Navy Defense Force on 01/04/1971, while still keeping his position at the 4th section of the High Command
  • Transferred to the 4th battalion of the Army Headquarters on 01/03/1972
  • Appointed as chief of Special staff and assistant to the Armed Forces Commander on 30/08/1973
  • Was assigned to the battalion of the Army Headquarters- Staff for Personnel, acting as director of personnel on 22/07/1980
  • Was assigned in the cadre of the military cabinet, and served as Chief of this Cabinet as of 10/02/1989
  • Named the Armed Forces Commander on 28/11/1989
  • Retired from active Military Service after being elected as President of the Lebanese Republic on 24/11/1998

Courses inside the country

  • Aircraft Orientation course from 03/02/1961 to 11/02/1961
  • Formation course for intelligence officers from 04/01/1966 to 28/01/1966
  • Intelligence Officers Course from 13/02/1961 to 05/05/1961
  • Upgrading Course to the rank of Captain Commodore from 17/09/1979 to 27/10/1979

Courses abroad

  • Sailing Navigation course in England as from 11/02/1960 to 05/08/1960
  • Rescue Boats course in England as from 23/05/1965 to 03/06/1965
  • Training Course in the U S A as from 10/08/1967 to 06/03/1968
  • Navy Officer course in the U S A as from 27/12/1972 to 09/07/1973
  • Staff Officers course in the U S A as from 30/07/1979 to 03/07/1980

Medals and honors

  • Commemorative Medal of 31/12/1961
  • Lebanese Silver Order of Merit in third Class
  • Haitian National Order of Honor and Merit, Grade of Great Officer
  • Romanian Medal in fourth Class
  • Navy Medal in grade of excellence
  • Lebanese Order of Merit in Second Class
  • National Order of the Cedar in grade of a Knight
  • Lebanese Order of Merit in first Class
  • National Order of the Cedar in Officer Grade
  • Lebanese War Medal (2 times)
  • National Order of the Cedar in grade of Grand Cordon
  • Medal of the South dawn
  • Order of the National Unity
  • State Security Medal
  • Military Medal of Competence in silver grade
  • Order of the French Legion of Honor, Grade of Commander
  • Republic of Italy , Order of Merit in Grand Officer Grade
  • Medal of the Grand Cross , from the government of Argentina
  • Lebanese Order of Merit in grade of excellence
  • one time Commendation of the Armed Forces Commander
  • Felicitation of the minister of National Defense
  • Felicitations of the Armed Forces Commander, 3 times